rom the moment I picked up my Grandmother's Kodak Instamatic camera with the square flashbulb on top, I knew I wanted to be a photographer. I was six years old.

I love freezing time with a camera. I love the fact that you can take a special moment in time and make it stand still forever…that the memory can go on and on.

With my portraits, I shoot mainly outdoors. Natural light brings out wonderful colors in skin tones and eyes, and nature is a calming and relaxing studio. I try to capture who a person really is by studying an expression, a glance, a tiny tip of the head that makes that person beautiful.




In my corporate photography work, I'm very comfortable in a manufacturing plant or a corporate boardroom. At the right angles, even machines can be attractive.

In my wedding photography, I shoot in the new style of wedding photojournalism. I follow the action, the moments that are special, along with traditional shots. Basically, it's a love story told in pictures.

Specializing in portrait photography, corporate photography and wedding photojournalism in the Charlotte, North Carolina region.



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